Bourbon Barrel Blackberry


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Product Description

This wine is different because we age it in a Bourbon barrel, which gives it more complexity and mouth feel.  A sweet flavorful wine made from sun ripened blackberries  and ending with a slight tartness on the finish that keeps you coming back for more.


  1. :

    Probably my favorite of the sweet wines. Can’t wait for the SEASON TO BEGIN.

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    This wine is wonderful. It pairs well with chocolate. It is definitely a treat! You can taste the bourbon notes in the wine. It is my favorite!

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    This is the absolute best! My favorite!

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    This is probably the best wine I have ever tasted. I bought 4 bottles!

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    This is my absolute favorite. I anxiously await the “Bourbon Barrel season” every year.

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    Found my favorite! Gave this as a Christmas gift to my hairdresser and she too has a new favorite ❤️

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