Blown Glass •

Chad Balster first started working in glass in Minneapolis in 1996 as a balmy summer job. “I’ve been chasing it ever since.” Following the “Hot Glass” to the headwaters of the Mississippi river in northern Minnesota to Seattle, Washington Then it was off to Louisville, where Chad was invited to be a resident artist at the Louisville Glassworks in Kentucky. It was here he was producing Glass Art, teaching classes and workshops, and building mobile glassblowing equipment and studios. In 2012 he began construction of his own studio: “Chad Balster Glass” in the Germantown Neighborhood of Louisville Kentucky.

Presently Chad Balster Glass is represented from Vancouver, BC to Hollywood, FL.

Pottery •

In 1991, Bill and Gean met at Indiana State University in Terre Haute both pursuing Masters in Fine Arts in Ceramics and shared a studio. They graduated in 1994, and got married in Neu Chapel at the University of Evansville campus where Bill obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Commercial Art. After a year of teaching conversational English and traveling in South Korea (where Gean was born), they re-located in Charlestown, Indiana (Bill’s hometown.) Ever since then, they continued to work with clay while both working full time at a local bank.
They mainly work with brown stoneware and porcelain that are fired to cone 6, around 2,200 °F in electric kilns. All pieces are hand thrown, sculpted, and glazed individually. Bill likes to throw on the wheels and Gean likes to carve/decorate and glaze with her own mixed glazes as well as manipulated commercial ones that are leadless and safe for food. The craftsmanship and esthetics are always the priorities in their works, and they enjoy their clients recognizing those aspects at the shows.
Each year, they usually participate just a few art festivals, and the prior shows have been St. James Court, Penrod, Waterside, Indiana State Museum, Mellwood, Madison Chautauqua, Art in Speed, and some other smaller local venues. Their website,, shows their current schedules and some examples of their prior works.

Jewelry • Lindsay Lou Jewelry Facebook Page

Lindsay uses found objects, new old stock, vintage, and vintage-style components to make a collection of brass necklaces and earrings. She believes these unique objects have a rich history and are full of character.
Photography •

My desire to create artistic images from nature began at an early age when I found peace and solitude wading the creeks, wandering the fields, and exploring the woods around my Central Ohio home. I am a self-taught artist who has been developing my ability to see photographs since those childhood days. In 1986 while pursuing a career as a public school educator, I purchased my first 35mm camera and began through trial and error to develop the skills needed to capture images through which I could share my experiences with others. In 1991 I began exhibiting and selling my work at art shows and in galleries.

Currently I spend as many days as possible in my “remote office,” a place that exists anywhere my hiking boots or canoe can take me, feeding my curiosity and trying to create photographs that will give to others the same sense of peace that I find in nature. When not in the field I continue to sell my photographs at shows and in galleries as well as conducting workshops and offering private instruction.

Drawing • Melange Seriously Fun Art Facebook Page

Kristin Z. Moger is a transplant from Connecticut, currently living in Franklin, IN.  She has a MFA in Art Education and Painting. In addition to creating art, Kristin loves to knit, visit new places with her husband, family and friends, watch old movies at the Historic Artcraft Theater, and snuggle with her 3 rescued dogs.

Her highly detailed ink drawings are a whimsical blending (ie: “Melange”) of realistic shapes and multi-cultural patterning; creating “Seriously Fun Art”.  The juxtaposition of unusual patterns creates form and depth.  Her current work focuses mainly on identifiable natural forms described by unnatural patterning. Correctly depicting the shape and anatomy of her subjects is vitally important in order to form the base for the intricate designs.  Her work can be found in private collections across the country, as well as prints online at  and Etsy – melangeseriousfunart