As news of the Covid-19 virus spreads, the Huber family would like to share some information with our customers about our policies and procedures regarding health and safety.  As a decades-old business that serves the community daily, our health and hygiene standards have always been high, and we will continue to exercise diligence to protect our customers, employees, and the community at large.  However, as the situation continues to develop, we have implemented additional steps to assure that we are serving our clients in the safest way possible.

 Things we have always done and will continue to do:

All public areas, including dining, catering, kitchen, market, and production areas, are cleaned and sanitized nightly and deep cleaned on a regular schedule.  All utensils, plates, bowls, glasses, and all serving, cooking, and baking implements are cleaned in a commercial grade high temp dishwasher after each use. This ensures they are properly sanitized before the next use. Employees have access to and are required to use hand washing stations and all kitchen and service staff adhere strictly to industry standards of cleanliness.

Enhanced measures we are taking in light of heightened awareness:

We are reinforcing with all employees the importance of hand-washing and encouraging all employees to be vigilant about their own health.  Employees are instructed to stay home should they feel sick or show any symptoms whatsoever. We have increased the frequency with which we wipe down tables, chairs, door handles, and other structures in our public areas. This includes the dining areas, bar areas, retail areas, and production areas. We are closely monitoring the situation as it is evolving and ensuring that all employees are given the information and tools they need to adhere to preventative and protective measures outlined by public health agencies.

The measures outlined here are not exhaustive, and we will be flexible in the steps we take throughout this very fluid situation. As always, the comfort and safety of our customer is our main concern.  While we have taken steps to prevent the spread of any illness, we depend upon our customers to exercise their own good judgement to preserve the health and welfare of their families.  Just as we have communicated to our employees, we urge guests to employ common sense measures such as covering your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, washing and sanitizing your hands regularly, and staying home should you feel sick.  Our goal is to continue to offer our customers the experience they have come to know and expect and our high standards of customer service and care will not be compromised as we take steps to ensure the good health and safety of everyone.