As of May 11th Hubers is getting back on track! Read reopening procedures here.  Remember, while we have a great deal of information right now, there are still some unknowns and the situation remains very fluid. We will be adding updates frequently as information comes available and we appreciate your patience while we work through these new requirements across all areas of our business.


If you have a specific question, please feel free to reach out via email to [email protected], or refer to the contact list below for departmental contacts.

For Farm Market, Farm Park, Ice Cream Factory, or U-pick : 812.923.9463 ext 2

For Winery, Distillery, Starlight Café, Tours, or Tastings : 812.923.9463 ext 3

For Plantation Hall : 812.923.9463 ext 4

For Business Office : 812.923.9463 ext 1


As businesses and organizations have begun to re-open, and with Hand Sanitizer in short supply nationwide, we have made the decision to continue manufacturing and distribute at a very low cost to the community.

Please use the online form below only for purchases of 5 or more gallons, in 5 gallon quantities (ie: 5, 10, 15, etc).  The cost is $80 per 5 gallons, payable upon pickup.  If you are in need of a smaller amount, you may visit the Winery and purchase hand sanitizer in ½ gallon or 1 gallon quantities.

Once we have received your request to purchase, you will be put in our distribution queue and contacted by our coordinator to schedule payment and pick up.  Please note that all hand sanitizers must be picked up as we are unable to ship or otherwise deliver it, and payment must be made at or prior to pick up.

Sanitizer Request Form – Click HERE

Thank you to the following local business and community partners who have provided us
with much needed materials and resources to maintain our Hand Sanitizer project.
We appreciate your commitment to keeping our community safe!

Ace Hardware • Mathes Pharmacy • One Southern Indiana

PC Lumber • Pfau Industrial • Sazerac Company

Shelby County Co-Op


Approved via the Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
FDA NDC Product Code: 77696
To view this listing online, click here and select “NDC Code” and enter 77696

DISCUS Guidance Information

Hand Sanitzer WHO Formula