Ruby Port




Huber Winery’s Ruby Port is soft and sophisticated, yet bursting with a nose of chocolate, plum, and fig, all underlined by the bold presence of the concord grape. Slow, neutral, barrel aging conditions this port into a beautiful wine. It easily stands alone in place of any dessert, but wonderfully pairs with chocolate, cream, or fruit based desserts.


  1. Lisa C.

    Delish! Had this bottle 2yrs and was afraid to open for fear of tasting and no liking it. It was a gift so it sat on a shelf. Finally tasted and loved it.????

  2. Robert Ham

    Rich wonderful flavor, warm or chilled.

  3. Edward B Szymanski

    Enjoying it for the first time in front of the fireplace on a cold winter night! Such a wonderful and “comfortable ” taste experience. Absolutely love this as a nightcap. Can’t wait to share it with close friends and family!

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