Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey # 1332




Starlight Distillery is delighted to announce the release of our second, very small batch, rare cask single barrel bourbon, from our Family Reserve Gold Series. Hand-picked by our Master Distiller, Ted Huber, as one of the most complex bourbon barrels from our Rickhouse, Barrel #1332 is bottled at cask strength being 114.2 proof and limited to only 35 cases this release.

Aged more than 5 years in a new Seguin Moreau Icône American white oak barrel that was air dried for 3 years before being lightly toasted and hand charred.

This single barrel bourbon exhibits intense vanilla and warm caramel notes with hints of baking spices leading to fresh orange zest. It’s body is rich and round with a powerful cinnamon spice, melted caramel, and a dark chocolate, heavy finish.