• Clarity: crystal clear
• Color: water clear
• Legs: long and lasting

• Soft with sweet, fresh fruit tree aromas

• Sweetness: soft neutral sweetness finishing with lingering sweet notes
• Body: full body
• Intensity: medium high
• Mouthfeel: pleasant, clean, and well rounded
• Character: distilled from corn giving a sweet fruit character that would be expected from a well distilled corn based spirit
• Alcohol: pleasant and virtually no alcohol burn
• Finish: soft, generous length

This Vodka was distilled in our copper pot still, custom made for our facility by the Christian Carl Company in Southern Germany.

Made from locally grown corn and distilled 7 times, gives our Vodka a very clean, rich and unique flavor.

Light and easy, your go-to Vodka.


  1. Tim Heston

    By no means am I supposed “expert” on the distinct flavors and qualities of an award winning sprit but as a frequent participant in cocktail hour, I have over 30 years of experience in my cocktail of choice, Vodka and Tonic, the Starlight Vodka from Huber Distillery is the smoothest tasting Vodka I have ever experienced. I would also thank Joe Husar and his entire team at Vine and Table in Carmel, IN for introducing me to Starlight Vodka. I will be purchasing and recommending this product.

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