To access your Wine Club account online, click the link here.

For detailed information on specific account updates, please read the below information.
Still have questions?  Email us at [email protected]

In an effort to increase security for our Club members, as well as streamline the updating and maintaining process, we have added the direct customer access feature.  Once you create your online account log-in, you will be able to:
·        Change mailing address
·        Change shipping address
·        Change or update payment information
·        Switch your delivery preference between shipping and pickup
·        Change or update your co-member
·        Add a second Club shipment

In fact, the only things you will not be able to do on your own are switch from one club to a different club or cancel your membership.  By giving Club members access to their own accounts, YOU are in the driver’s seat.  Just follow the instructions below to create your personal log-in and get started today!

Access your account:  To access your account online, click the link here. For the initial use, you will click “Forgot password” and follow the prompts.  The system will request your email address (you must use the one on file for Wine Club).  You will receive an email soon after at the email address provided with instructions on how to set up a password.   Once you have done that, you can get started.

Here are some things you need to know when accessing your account:
To edit general information: Use the “Edit Information” or the “Edit” buttons in each section to update address, name, phone number, etc.

Co-Member info:
  If you have the same last name as your Co-Member, you may either put both first names in the “First Name” space, with the last name in the “Last Name” space (ie: First Name : John & Susan; Last Name : Jones), or you may put the Co-member first name in the “First Name 2” space and their last name in the “Last Name 2” space.  If you have a different last name than your Co-Member, you will put your first and last name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” spaces and put the Co-member first and last name in the “First Name 2” and “Last Name 2” spaces.

To update your credit card information:
  Under “Payment Information” you must edit the current information by typing a new credit card number and/or expiration date in the appropriate boxes and saving the information.  Please ensure the appropriate type of card is selected (ie: Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX), that the “Default payment” box is checked on the information page, and that the “Payment Title” is listed as “Club.”  IMPORTANT: Simply adding a second credit card number will NOT result in changing your payment type.  You must replace the current information with the new information.

To switch between Shipping and Pickup:
To change from shipping to pickup or vice versa, you must go under the “Edit an Existing Membership” section.  In this section you may also change the payment information, but you must still check the “default payment” box and the Payment Title must still be “Club.”

If you would like to add to your membership:
  For example, if you are a Sweet Club member and would like to add a Dry or Mixed Membership as well, you may click the “Join Club” membership button at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts.  Use this feature only of you would like to add on to a current membership.  To cancel your membership or to switch between Clubs you must still email [email protected]

To switch Club selections:
Please email [email protected].  Phone calls will not be accepted for changes in Club selections as we require written verification of your request.

To cancel your Club membership:
  Please email [email protected].  Phone calls will not be accepted for cancellations of Club membership as we require written verification of your request.

Still have questions?  Email me at [email protected]