HWC Policy Changes and Updates

Due to the fast-growing numbers in the Huber Wine Club, we have had to streamline the way we handle our Wine Club Quarterly Selection and distribution. There will be a couple of small changes, which will not affect the vast majority of you. Read on for more information:

JANUARY, 2019:

Effective beginning in 2019, all HWC complimentary wine tastings on Saturdays and Sundays will require a reservation.   We have allocated as many tasting spots as space and staffing will allow in order to make your tasting experience more convenient and exclusive, and to reduce your wait time at the bar.  You can make a reservation for your party by visiting the Wine Club tab of our website at huberwinery.com and clicking on the HWC Tasting Reservations link.  Select the number of individuals who will be tasting (up to 4 per day, per membership), the day (Saturday or Sunday), and then choose from the available times.  Should there be no space available on your preferred day and time you must either select a different day or time or you may purchase a paid tasting.

Please remember that HWC weekend tasting reservations may be made several weeks in advance, but must be made at least 12 hours ahead of time.  Should you arrive at the Winery without scheduling your tasting, you may visit the concierge desk and an associate can check availability.  If we are able to accommodate you, we will manually put your reservation in the system.

HWC tastings during the week (Monday-Friday), and in the cellar during pickup weekends will not require any reservations.


NEW Pick-up Timeframe:

Beginning with Spring, 2015, all pick-up customers will have a minimum of 14 days during which they may pick up their paid quarterly wine selections.   Depending on availability and calendar availability, some pick-up timeframes will go beyond 14 days. During this timeframe, Huber’s guarantees that the original wine selection will be available for pick-up at the winery.

A reminder about our existing policies regarding unclaimed wine: At the expiration of the pick-up timeframe, any unclaimed wine remaining will be shipped to the customer (where permitted by law) and at the customer’s expense. In addition, any unclaimed wine remaining at the expiration of the pick-up timeframe will be released to the public and the original wine selection cannot be guaranteed. As is our policy, any substitutions made will be made at the discretion of Huber’s and customers will not be issued a credit on any processed orders, should the original wine selections be unavailable.

Pick-up customers may make an email request within the pick-up timeframe that their selection be shipped in order to guarantee receipt of the original wine selection. (Shipping charges will apply; where permitted by law)

NEW Policy Regarding Membership cancellation prior to Receiving Two Quarterly Selections:

Beginning in January. 2015, with all new Wine Club memberships, any member wishing to cancel Club Membership prior to receiving and paying for two consecutive Quarterly Selections will be assessed a $30 cancellation fee. This fee will be charged to the credit card on file with the Member account before membership is cancelled.

Additionally, as is our current policy, once membership is cancelled, a $30 fee will be assessed to any individual wishing to re-join the Club.

NEW Policy Regarding Unclaimed orders that cannot be shipped:

Per the existing terms of the membership contract, if your account is set for “pick-up” and you do not pick up your wine within the established pick-up window, your account will be charged for shipping and the wine will be shipped to the address we have on file for you. This policy will remain in place. Beginning in Spring, 2015, any unclaimed orders remaining after 6 months will be deleted from our database and will be unavailable for pick-up. No refunds, substitutions, or other accommodations will be made for orders that are deleted from our database.


NEW Policy for Automatic shipping of Unclaimed Quarterly Selections –  Effective May, 2014:

Beginning with the Summer 2014 Selection, any paid quarterly selections that remain unclaimed at the end of the stated time frame for quarterly pick up will be shipped to the customer.  Shipping charges will be applied to the credit card on file with HWC.   State law applies and selections will not be shipped to any state where we are prohibited by law from shipping.

Once the quarterly selections are shipped, customers may not pick up that quarterly selection, or any substitutions, at the winery.  All shipments become the responsibility of the customer, and require a signature from an adult (21 or over) upon delivery.  Any wine that is returned due to unavailability of the customer will not be shipped again except by email request of the customer and payment of additional shipping charges.  Huber’s cannot guarantee the condition of returned wine and will not offer substitutions for any wine that is returned.    Please refer to previously posted policies on returned wine shipments for more details.

To avoid automatic shipping, please take note of the last date for pick up each quarter.  Dates are posted for the year on the Quarterly Selections Calendar section of the Wine Club web page.  Huber’s will not hold any wine for pick up beyond the date stated as the last date for pick up.

NEW Policy for Substitutions on Original Quarterly Selection Wines – Effective Jan, 2014

The wines that are selected for the quarterly selections are chosen by the winemakers for their quality, exclusivity, price, and availability.   Based on limited inventory and other factors, Huber’s reserves the right to substitute other similar, comparably-priced wines for the original quarterly selection wines at any time.

In the event that any of the originally selected wines become unavailable, substitutions will be made at the discretion of the winemakers and will be based on availability and price.  Members cannot select their own wine substitutions.

Just a reminder, HWC requires a valid credit card be kept on file for pre-payment of all Quarterly Selections.  Orders that are not paid at processing are not guaranteed for pick-up or shipping.  Customers who do not pay for orders at processing may receive substitute wines at pick up or shipping regardless of availability of wines.